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Whether you are just starting out in photography, or you are a seasoned pro, frontRow is the ultimate way to learn more and improve your craft. We bring together world class educators and allow you to watch and learn at your schedule.

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Learning Photography From Scratch

Great photographs are rarely made by themselves. In this class, Sony Artisan Chris Orwig will give you the basics of creating captivating imagery. Starting with the camera, you will not only learn the technical aspects of an image, but the importance of connecting with the person and subject inside the lens.

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Foundations of Studio Lighting

Studio lights are not scary! In this series, Tony Corbell gives you the facts about crafting light inside the studio and how to use artificial light to create strong photographs. Starting with a little history of light, you will understand the basics of lighting and the tools you need to modify it.  

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Boudoir Basics

Boudoir is who YOU are. Learn from Nikon Ambassador and world leading boudoir instructor, Jen Rozenbaum, as she teaches you how to connect and pose your subjects effectively to create beautiful images. With a few simple lessons, Jen will show you how to make any boudoir session a success.

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Fundamentals of Film Photography

Film is back! In this series, renowned wedding photographer Braedon Flynn teaches you how to slow down and capture an image correctly the first time. You will learn all about the different film cameras, types of film, and how to properly think your way through an image before capture.

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Breaking Into Commercial Photography

The journey to becoming a commercial photographer. In this series, Dan Brouillette walks you through the steps to start your career. You will learn about the importance of creating content and what to do with it in order to market yourself effectively to get the jobs you want.

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The Photography Studio

Your studio is the extension of your brand. In this series, Kira Derryberry tells her story of starting her own studio and the mistakes she learned along the way. You will learn from her experiences and get some inside knowledge on how to choose the space that works for you.

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