Intro to Pricing

Jed Taufer

Pricing does not have to be complicated. In this FrontRow Talk, Jed Taufer breaks it down into simple and easy to follow steps to make sure you price your work correctly.

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Change Perspective for Success

Gregory Daniel

What would happen if you flipped the relationship of Photographer and Client? Watch Greg Daniel explain what it has done to his business and how you can do it to yours.

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Model for a Day - The Senior Experience

Alycia Savage Alvarez

Senior photography has changed. Today you need to create an experience for your seniors, and in this FrontRow Talk, Alycia tells us how she does it.

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The One Thing

Paul and Kristen Privette

What drives you as a photographer? Paul and Kristen Privette spent years trying to figure that out. And once they found it, it changed everything. They tell you what they did and how you can too.

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Creating Dramatic Sports Images

Kevin Jairaj

Kevin has shot Super Bowls and College Football Championships and learned a lot along the ways. Those lessons apply to those who want to be professional sports shooters and those who want to take better pictures of their kids events.

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Five Things to Improve Your Clients Experience and Increase Sales

Vicki Taufer

Improving the experience for your clients will enhance your sales. It is that simple. Vicki Taufer tells us her top five tips on making the experience better.

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A Career Shooting Album Covers

Russ Harrington

With a career spanning 30 years photographing album covers, Russ Harrington has a few stories. He also has a few lessons to share, and luckily he does both in this FrontRow Talk.

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Simpler in Person Sales

Phillip Blume

Don’t let sales scare you. Phillip Blume shares some simple and easy ways to improve your in-person sales, which will be better for your clients and allow you to do things to give back.

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Consultations for a High End Clientele

Allison Tyler Jones

Why wait until after you do all of the work to see if you can sell something to your client? Photography might be the only profession where you do all of the work, and then hope they buy. Alison Tyler Jones shows us how it doesn’t have to be that way.

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The Grand Experience

Nate Peterson

Your clients want to buy products from you. Nate Peterson, in this FrontRow Talk, tells us how he creates the experience around the products he sells to his senior clients.

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